Poor treatment at hospital

Every patient has a right to be treated with respect when in the hospital. A lot of patients are dying because of poor treatment at the hospital. Some patients died because they did not receive emergency oxygen treatment. Poor treatment has been on the rise because of staff and equipment shortages. Patients are able to express themselves through various platforms. Treatment at times is given when inappropriate.

Delay in treatment is also another cause of major deaths. Poor hospital treatment also arises from lack of patient supervision. After treatment patients need to be monitored on their progress. The hospital staff has not been trained to treat patients better. They also tend to ignore and end up treating patients in a very bad manner. The staff is rude and they don’t have compassion especially for the old people. They don’t work towards ensuring that the patients are comfortable in any way. This makes patients feel that they have received poor treatment.

When you are treated poorly in a hospital you will need to file a complaint with the hospital. You may also file a complaint at the health department. Drug error is another source of poor treatment in the hospital. If a doctor confuses drugs, this could be a major problem on your end. For people with serious sicknesses, they may even die if given the wrong medication. Unnecessary and inappropriate treatment is also another cause of poor treatment in hospitals. When treated for the wrong condition, this can be a problem and lead to NHS medical negligence.

This is because patients end up getting the wrong diagnosis. Patients often find poor treatment when they are discharged without complete instructions. This is because patients are weak and cannot leave the hospital without the help of their loved ones. Poor treatment occurs when the hospital fails to make arrangements for you when you are discharged. There are hospitals that are always full with patients. In this case patients are discharged before their due date. This is another form of poor treatment in hospitals.

Poor treatment also occurs when patients have to wait for doctors for a long period of time. The staff doesn’t care and don’t even realize an emergency situation. Complaints often lead to bad attitude from doctors and nurses. This often leads to poor medical treatment and even NHS medical negligence. Doctors treating at night are often tired, which can lead to dying of patients that go to the hospital at night in need of immediate attention.