Can I claim a holiday accident that happened abroad?

The choice of when to claim a vacation problem depends to a large extent on the nature of the problem and the expected holiday duration. A holiday claim for damage or loss of property is usually handled by tour operators or, in most cases, a travel insurance provider’s traveler services.

It is usually reasonable to report any cases of damage or loss of property immediately so that these types of claims can be initiated on foreign land. On the other hand, personal injury cases must be handled in a specific way and within a specific time frame. Accordingly, while it is necessary to take a number of steps abroad, it is usually necessary to start procedures at home.

Claiming holiday accidents that lead to a personal injury can be thorny. In terms of initiating a personal injury claim in the country where the incident occurred, this is usually possible or only valid if the defendant can be tracked easily, and the law firm chosen to represent the plaintiff enjoys a good professional status and, ideally,

In addition, the same basic principles of the law of negligence must be specified before the holiday claim is submitted successfully; these principles will be discussed in greater detail below, but in short, the claimant must be able to demonstrate that the negligence of the travel official or travel agent has caused personal injury. It is not enough to suffer from a holiday injury.

In fact, the claimant must prove that a specific aspect of the package holiday is the cause of the injury; for example, liability can be determined if the ventilator at the hotel is the victim, while it is almost certain that liability will not be established if the victim is injured during a sport or other activity that was not part of the holiday.

As mentioned above, holiday claims for negligence require some basic principles that must be determined before compensation is awarded to the claimant. First, it must be proved that the defendant is a duty incumbent on the claimant at the time of the accident or injury; second, the accused must have violated the duty of care; and finally, the breach must have caused the damage.

These basic components of the Law on Negligence apply to claims for overseas accidents. The victim of the holiday claim must submit the claim within a certain timeframe – three years the time limit granted to adults who have suffered personal injury. Although the Court has discretionary authority to allow an issue out of time, it is always reasonable to initiate proceedings as soon as possible.